All rates are quoted in US$ (unless other currency is mentioned), and are subject to amendment in the event of changes in local economic conditions or if price changes are made by the hotels or other suppliers themselves.
Holders of foreign passports, stamped with a 3-month tourist permit by the Israeli border control, are exempt from VAT. Israelis holding dual citizenship must enter Israel with their Israeli passport and are subject to VAT. The stamped passport must be presented to the provider of the service.
Please be aware that, should your client be subject to VAT, this will be calculated and charged on the published rates of the supplier.
Should incoming tourism become subject to VAT, the percentage decided upon must be added to all rates in this manual.


All services have to be prepaid prior to arrival of the client. Payments can be made either by your company's Credit Card or your client's, or by bank draft to the order of Diesenhaus Unitours Incoming Tourism (1998) Ltd., or by bank transfer to:
     FBI – The First International Bank of Israel
     Branch: The Operah branch 044
     Account number: 293342
     Iban code: IL090310440000000293342, BIC
     Swift code: FIRBILITXXX

If you wish to establish a credit agreement with us, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Company name (commercial and registered)
  • VAT number / company registration number
  • Address
  • Phone and Fax numbers
  • Name and email of the responsible financial officer
  • Monthly credit line requested (in US$)

You will be contacted after we receive confirmation from our insurance company.

When making reservations online, if you don't have a credit arrangement with us, you will still be able to make reservations with no payment, up to 14 days prior to arrival of the client. However, full payment should be made two weeks prior to the arrival date. If reservation is made less than 14 days prior to arrival of the client, you will be asked to put a Credit Card details (either your company's or your client's).
Please be aware that whenever you will use your company's Credit Card, the net value of the services will be charged. When using the client's Credit Card, the charge will be for the gross amount and you will be credited with your commission.

This does not apply to special types of rooms such as Advance Purchase/Full Prepayment/Non Refundable, when you will always be required for immediate payment.


All rates are commissionable to travel agents at 10%.

Cancellation fees

14 days before arrival:
All services except hotels: 10% of the total cost
Hotels: as indicated on our website per specific hotel

7 days before arrival:
All services except hotels: 25% of the total cost
Hotels: as indicated on our website per specific hotel

24 hours before arrival:
All services except hotels: Full charge
Hotels: as indicated on our website per specific hotel


Competitive quotations for groups will be submitted upon request.


Diesenhaus Unitours Incoming Tourism Ltd. Will not assume liability for any loss, damage, delay or accident of any kind which may occur due to the negligence of any company, hotel proprietor or other person responsible for the provision of the service.